Our Story

That moment you get home from work and your dog jumps up and down licking your face for love? We live for that moment. We just wish we could find a human that’s the same way!!

BarkGrr started as two guys housing rescues in need and connected over the struggle to find compatible dog partners. BarkGrr will let you build your own local network of trusted dogs and dog owners! Looking for friends? “Bark” to match for doggy activities. Single? “Grr” to match for a date! Or set your account to “Bark-only” and discover a whole community of dog friends!

With Alex’s background in developing community-based startups and Pete’s experience as a dog-centric TV producer, conversations about dating, dogs and doggy lifestyles quickly turned into internet searches, and before long BarkGrr was born!

BarkGrr will locally connect new and experienced dog owners while working with adoption organizations to help alleviate America’s rapidly rising population of shelter dogs by showcasing adoptable pups in a selected areas.

Together with our dogs, the pawsibilities are fenceless! 🐾

Winter & Alex, Co-founder

Pico & Pete, Co-founder